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Teach Yourself to Sing Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika MP3 Download

This is a downloadable 14MB MP3 file that you can play in your MP3 player.  It comes with a PDF file that has the words of the song and translation into english for reference while doing the line-by-line study.
The TEACH YOURSELF TO SING NKOSI SIKELEL iAFRIKA study track is made up of three parts:
  • The choir sings the entire anthem
  • a line by line study consisting of a reading,followed by a soloist and finally just the accompaniment so that you can sing along
  • the choir sings the entire anthem, this time with marimba &, other accompaniment. Now you can join in!
MP3 file and PDF instruction song sheet

The Great Dance DVD

a hunter's story

The Great Dance is a film about three San (Bushman) hunters and their extraordinary relationship with the land and the animals. This film shows Africa in a new light, and ancient light not seen before. It shows man and animal at their most extreme limits of endurance through the 'chasing hunt', a ritual never before revealed to the world outside the Kalahari.

The Great Dance as a film has received over 30 major international awards. Now the filmmakers have created a DVD that reveals the many layers of information and debate that lie beyond the film. World renowned athletes, anthropologists and psychologists add exciting insights and explanations. Amongst many features, the DVD offers two short films about the making of 'The Great Dance' – the viewer can even play the ancient rock gong that was used to create the soundtrack.

Format: Zone 2 PAL DVD

The Great Dance DVD