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Erica Catalog

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Erica glandulosa

  • This is a strong grower, growing to a height of 0.5-0.7m.
  • It grows into an attractive, sturdy, rounded shrub and is ideal for a smaller garden.
  • The tubular flowers are curved and pink to orange in color.
  • The flowers appear from autumn to spring.
  • It would also do well grown in a pot.

Erica versicolor

  • Erica versicolor is a strong, robust shrub - growing up to 2.5m tall with a spread of 2m.
  • The tubular body of the flower is red with green to whitish coloring towards the tips.
  • Versicolor flowers all year around and enjoys a position of full sun.
  • This is a strong grower, suitable for difficult gardens.
  • It is lovely as a cut flower.
  • It will most definitely attract sunbirds to your garden.
  • It is one of the easiest ericas to grow, is waterwise and is suitable for large or small gardens.
  • Benefits from pruning to give it a more rounded shape.
  • Sow seeds in autumn.

Erica baccans

Commonly known as the Berry heath

  • Grows upto 2.5m - into an erect, robust shrub.
  • Has attractive dry urn-shaped rose pink flowers.
  • Flowers appear end of autumn to Spring and in abundance.
  • Hardy to USDA zone 8. 
  • This species is easy to grow.
  • They enjoy a position of full sun in moist, well drained, slightly acidic soil.
  • Seeds should be sown in Autumn.

Erica perspicua

Commonly known as Prince of Wales heath or Veerheide (Afrikaans)

  • This is a tall, erect plant.
  • It grows to a height of 2m.
  • The flowers are white and pink and have a tubular shape.
  • This species is easy to grow,
  • Grows best in a moist areas.
  • Flowering occurs from summer through to winter.
  • It is a popular garden plant and a good cut flower.
  • Hardy to USDA zone 8.
  • Sow seeds in autumn.

Erica plukenetti

Commonly known as Plukenet's heath or Hangertjie (Afrikaans)

  • Erica plukenetti is a sturdy, upright shrub.
  • Grows to a height of around 0.6 - 0.9m.
  • It provides an excellent cut flower almost all year round.
  • The flowers are tubular in shape and are either white or deep red (as seen in picture).
  • They grow in dense, hanging spikes.
  • Plukenetti is one of the most adaptable ericas.
  • Hardy to USDA zone 8
  • In southern hemisphere, sow in autumn and northern hemisphere, in spring

Erica mammosa

Commonly known as Nine-pin heath, Rooiklossieheide (Afrikaans)

  • Grows to a height of 1.8m.
  • It is a variable species with tubular flowers ranging from purple, dark red, orange, pink, green to creamy white.
  • The flowers are packed along the branch tip.
  • It flowers from mid-summer to autumn.
  • This is a very strong grower, is robust and long-lived.
  • Erica mammosa is very showy and will be noticed in your garden.
  • Ths species will attract sunbirds to your garden.

Erica coccinea

Commonly known as Tassel Heath.

  • Coccinea (meaning red) is misleading as this is a very variable species in the color
  • Color varies from red / orange / pink / green to yellow
  • The shape and size of the flower and the length of leaves is also variable
  • It grows up to 1m tall with a spread of 60cm
  • Flowering occurs all year around

Erica sessiflora

Commonly known as Green heath

  • Grows to 1-2m shrub.
  • Has attractive  cream/green/yellow tubular flowers occuring at end of branches.
  • Flowers are produced from Autumn to Spring.
  • Prefers moist well drained soil.
  • Hardy to USDA zone 8. 
  • This species is easy to grow.
  • It produces a lovely cut flower.
  • Produces seed heads resembling a reddish fungal growth.

Erica bauera

Commonly known as Albertinia heath, Bridal heath or Witheide (Afrikaans) 

  • This is a large shrub, growing to height of 1.5m and spread of 60cm.
  • It has grey/green leaves with masses of waxy, white to pink tubular flowers.
  • Flowering time is spring to autumn.
  • It enjoys full sun.
  • Erica bauera is also a good cut flower.
  • Looks stunning when planted in groups.
  • It is hardy, fairly adaptable and long lived
  • It is hardy to light frost.
  • It will attract birds to your garden and is highly recommended as a garden subject.