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Suitable for potting fynbos and protea seeds

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Protea nana

Commonly known as Mountain Rose, Skaamblom

  • Grows to 1.3m, densely branched and compact.
  • Beautiful wine-red pendulous flowers from Winter to Spring.
  • Fast grower - expect germination from 25 days.
  • Flowers in 4th year from seed.
  • Hardy plant.
  • Sow in Autumn.
  • USDA zone 8.

Bulbine frutescens

Commonly known as Snake Plant, Burn Jelly Plant, Cats Tail  

  • It is a succulent perennial plant with stems up to 30 cm in length.
  • The leaves grow in a rosette fashion and are smooth and fleshy.
  • The flowers are delicate yellow flowers carried on a single stem.
  • It is drought, heat and frost resistant and spreads into attractive clumps.
  • These clumps can be divided up.
  • It can also be grown indoors as a pot plant.
  • Sow seeds in spring or autumn.
  • The juice or sap from the leaves is widely used in treating burns, stings, insect bites, ringworm, cold sores and cracked lips.
  • The leaf is easily broken open and the sap rubbed directly onto the area.
  • You can also make a warm poultice of the mashed up leaf and apply directly to the area.
  • An infusion can be made from a few leaves thrown into a cup of boiling water. The strained drink is then taken to treat colds, coughs and arthritis.

Dimorphotheca sinuata

Commonly known as the 'African or Namaqualand' daisy

  • This is a spring/summer flowering annual.
  • It's responsible for the sheets of brilliant orange/yellow flowers that attract so many visitors to the Western Cape in the spring.
  • It is easily grown from seed and hence very rewarding.
  • Grows well in rockeries, on slopes and is a stunning addition to any garden
  • The flowers will attract butterflies and the bees love to collect nectar from them too.
  • Great for a small garden.
Commonly known as 'African Daisy'$0.09

Senecia elegans

Commonly known as the Wild cineraria

  • This is an annual, growing 0.3-1m tall and flowers in spring.
  • It can be grown in full sun or semi-shade, and is a beautiful and adaptable specimen for any garden.
  • The flowers vary from purple to white with yellow centers.
  • It grows well near the coast and is tolerant of strong winds.
Senecio elegans - also known as Wild cineraria or Strandblommetjie$0.09

Gazania krebsiana

Commonly known in South Africa, in afrikaans, as Botterblom or in english as the Terracotta gazania

  • It is one of the more spectacular species of the Namaqualand wild flowers.
  • This herbaceous perennial, with it's orange flowers – flowering from early spring to end of summer - gives a stunning flash of color to any garden.
  • They form tufted clumps and are excellent as pioneer plants.
  • They grow upto 20cm tall and are very effective as a ground cover.
  • They thrive in most environments and the seeds germinate easily after the first rains.
Gazania krebsiana - commonly known in South Africa,  in afrikaans, as Botterblom or in english as the Terracotta gazania $0.09

Felicia echinata

Commonly known in South Africa in afrikaans as the Bloublommetjie

  • It grows into a 1m tall shrub and the flowers vary from mauve to blue to white.
  • Flowering time lasts from autumn through to spring.
  • It is tolerant of wind and also does very well in a container.
  • It looks quite spectacular when grown in groups.
Felicia echinata$0.09

Protea scolymocephala

Thistle Sugarbush - Witskollie

  • Grows to 1m shrub with linear pointed leaves.
  • Small creamy-green flowers with outwardly splayed creamy or pinkish bracts from Winter to Spring.
  • Coastal.
  • Sand.
  • Easy grower.
  • Sow in Autumn.
  • USDA zone 8.

Mimetes chrysanthus

Commonly known as Golden Pagoda

  • Grows into an erect shrub - upto 2m in height.
  • Has greenish, grey leaves with a single trunk.
  • Produces dense flowerheads from late summer to early winter.
  • Is great sepciman for small garden or pots or rockery
  • Enjoys being lightly pruned.
  • Will attract nectar feeding birds to your garden.
  • It is easy to grow and seeds should be sown in autumn.
Golden Pagoda$0.10

Serruria florida x rosea

Commonly known as Pretty in Pink

  • This is one of the most delicately beautiful cultivars of the Proteaceae family and is often used by florists in bridal bouquets. The combination of the Blushing bride (Serruria florida) and the Bridesmaid or Rose spiderhead(Serruria rosea) is stunning with it's hot pink flowers
  • It grows to a height of around 0.7m to 1m, becoming straggly if left unpruned.
  • They like full sun and resent any addition of fertilizer.
  • The flowers are small and compact and made up of clusters of up to 8 flowerheads per branch.
  • They have a pink/cerise colour with a delicate blush of pink, which is caused by the movement of the flower.
  • The flowers have a papery feel and have an exceptionally long vase life - up to 6 weeks.
  • They flower during early spring and would be a superb addition to any garden.
  • Plant seeds in autumn.
  • Hardy to USDA zone 9.
'Pretty in Pink'$0.32

Ursinia calenduliflora

  • This annual produces stunning orange flowers with dark centers and has a delicate, lacy foliage.
  • Flowering occurs in spring.
  • It grows to a height of about 35cm and will add a stunning bright splash of color to your garden.
  • It enjoys sandy soil and will be happiest in a dry area in your garden.
Ursinia calenduliflora$0.09

Felicia heterophylla

  • This is a stunning low growing spring annual with blue daisy flowers and striking dark blue centers.
  • It grows 200-300mm tall and will provide a vivid splash of blue to your garden.
  • It flowers during spring and is ideal for planting in between other low growing plants.
  • It does well in a container and looks quite spectacular when grown in groups.
Felicia heterophylla$0.09

Felicia aethiopica

  • This is a stunning, spreading perennial with pale blue daisy flowers and yellow centres.
  • It flowers all year through on longish stems and is very rewarding, adding a splash of color to your garden.
  • It grows 0.5 - 1m tall and enjoys a position of full sun.
  • Also does well in a container, as a border and also in rockeries.
Felicia aethiopica$0.09

Tripteris oppositifolium

  • This is a sturdy upright shrub, growing to a height of around 0.5-1m.
  • It provides a lovely yellow flower from winter through to spring.
  • It loves a position of full sun and adds a lovely splash of color at the end of the gloomy winter months.
  • Previously known as 'Osteospermum' oppositifolium. 
Tripteris oppositifolium (previously known as Osteospermum oppositifolium) $0.09