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Fauna occuring in the Fynbos biome


Sunbird feeding on a Leonotis spp. in our garden in Cape Town


This sunbird scrambles for nectar on the pincushions before we pick them, and races us to the best blooms in an effort to feed before the food is gone. It is quite tame, probably because it has not learned to fear humans in the absolute wilderness of the farm.


This nest was just outside the kitchen door of the Makkedaat Cave we spent a night in.  A sunbird couple was incubating eggs in between leaving the nest whenever we walked outside (needless to say we used the front door)


Guinea fowl strutting it's stuff at Kirstenbosch Gardens


Tortoise enjoying a stroll in the sun


Sugarbird perching on Leucospermum erubescens


An insect enjoying a Watsonia borbonica


Klipspringer spotting us spotting it while walking on our farm


Baboon spider found under rock on farm