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United States

Commonly known as Pretty in Pink

  • This is one of the most delicately beautiful cultivars of the Proteaceae family and is often used by florists in bridal bouquets. The combination of the Blushing bride (Serruria florida) and the Bridesmaid or Rose spiderhead(Serruria rosea) is stunning with it's hot pink flowers
  • It grows to a height of around 0.7m to 1m, becoming straggly if left unpruned.
  • They like full sun and resent any addition of fertilizer.
  • The flowers are small and compact and made up of clusters of up to 8 flowerheads per branch.
  • They have a pink/cerise colour with a delicate blush of pink, which is caused by the movement of the flower.
  • The flowers have a papery feel and have an exceptionally long vase life - up to 6 weeks.
  • They flower during early spring and would be a superb addition to any garden.
  • Plant seeds in autumn.
  • Hardy to USDA zone 9.