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About Fine Bush People 2001 - 2002



This is Julie and me with our crop of proteas and pin-cushions on a Sunday afternoon.

The shed in the background is where we store our things during the week while we are in Cape Town. During the week, I do web design and development, and am currently the Design and Development manager of a company called iTouch Labs. (it's a rough life ;-).

Over most weekends we camp on the farm to commune with nature, look after the bees and establish the proteas and other plants we hope to eventually make a living from. If we don't make it to the farm, the whole family enjoys surfing at Muizenberg beach when conditions are favorable. Our boys are also nippers at the False Bay Surf Lifesaving Club, which keeps them busy on Sundays during the summer months.

The boys are Matthew (13), and Philip (10). They attend Bergvliet Primary School.

Matthew loves sport and being cool. Philip likes art and experimenting and has just started guitar lessons.



Here you can see Matthew having a go at the overhanging rock at our campsite. The rope is just to catch him when he falls, not to help with the climbing. The rock will form part of the front wall of our cottage when we get to building it, and the tree will be part of the front porch. Right now we just put up some chairs and a table, and sleep in the back of the bakkie (pickup).



This is philip and me about to launch a model rocket that Philip built himself.



This picture of Philip holding a flower with a sugarbird perched on top happened one morning as we were about to finish all the picking for the week. The birds seemed most perturbed that there were no more open flowers left to feed on. So desperate in fact, that just holding a cut flower up was enough to bring one or two of the bolder ones.


At that time we were doing heavy sanitation pruning to reduce the amount of disease in the orchard that the previous owner had left us. We have given that up now, realising that we can only export these flowers if we control all of the insects and disease, and this would require spraying poison which would also kill our birds. Now we frequently leave flowers for the birds to feed on - especially those on bushes that do not produce nice specimens.


The Fijnbosch Farme is committed to the conservation of the flora and fauna of the Cape Floral Kingdom. This logo reminds us about the things that are important to us - all living creatures and plants. Visit our farm page.