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About Fine Bush People 2003 - 2005

Our History


The Oertel 2002 Year

A year of Goals met

We achieved some big personal and family objectives in 2002. Some we had been working on for several years (like bond repayments), and others that we dreamed of only in the beginning of the year:

  • Julie conceived, designed, developed and marketed our Protea and Fynbos Starter Pack series. We can now say that we sell seeds to Kirstenbosch
  • As a result of the increase in business generated by the starter packs, we have realised our ambition to provide employment to people - we now have two temporary staff that come in two days a week to pack seeds. During 2003 we will be building facilities in our garage to provide a proper working environment.
  • Matthew did well in his first year at high-school at Wynberg Boys High, and Philip came into his own as the only Oertel still at Bergvliet Primary.

A year of travel

This was a year of travel for us:

  • Port Elizabeth for the S.A. Nippers Championships

  • Oudshoorn for Charles' Grandmother's ninetieth birthday. The photo shows the family in the Cango Caves there, with James Oertel, the boys' cousin on the left, then Philip, Matthew, Charles and Julie.

  • Charles left halfway through the birthday luncheon to fly from George airport to Sydney Australia in order to discuss retrenchments at iTouch. Sydney is not for us - Cape Town is much better. Though platypusses are the most fantastic creatures!
  • Nieu Bethesda to celebrate Mid-Winters and Youth Day (Soweto Day on 16th June) with Ian Alleman of the Owlhouse Backpackers there.
  • We spent our winter family holiday at South Africa's Ski Resort - Tiffindell. What a fantastic experience - the boys learnt to snow-board, and Julie learnt to ski.
  • In spring we visited Hermanus to see the whales.

A year of conflicts won

We seem to have come into our own these days, learning to not allow anybody to walk over us. Several conflicts marked 2002 for us:

  • Three of our farm neighbours stole Buchu from us, either knowingly or unknowingly. We managed to get them all to pay us for it.
  • The Penway Consortium released their draft environmental impact report for a proposed toll road that will run right through the wetland in front of our house (50m from our front door!). The report was so full of holes that we released a critical comment of it, and started a website to rally opposition to the road. During 2003 I may need to live on a pole in one of the wetlands to stop the road.
  • We bought a companion for our Belgian Shepherd dog - and when the puppy grew older discovered that it was not the thoroughbred we were promised (and paid for!). We spent several months unraveling a web of lies and deceit created by Natalie Human of Exquisite Pets in Boksburg. When we threatened to take the matter to the police, our fees were refunded. We are still stuck with Lucy - who is not suitable for breeding with Stryder the way we had intended.

    It seems others have complaints about Exquisite Pets and Natalie Human too. Here is the article as it appeared in the Argus Action column of 6 February 2003.

Where to for 2003

Up to now, I have been doing freelance work that has come my way by chance. This year I need to actively find web design and development work. So, if you know of anybody that could benefit from a website, why not refer them to me? You can use this site as a reference of what I can do, look at my web development site to see which other websites I have built.

Photo Album

The family on the ski slopes of Tiffindell again having the time of our lives - July 2002. A week after we left severe snowstorms closed all access to the resort and the holiday-makers there had a rough time of it.

The boys covering up for a day of cricket in the sun - December 2002

Julie on our buchu slope with a flowering buchu bush (purple) - December 2002