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Grow Fynbos Plants Book

A full colour paper-back practical guide to the cultivation and propagation of most of the fynbos plants in South Africa.

This book was written by experts in this field and has beautiful color photographs from the Kirstenbosch collection. The first chapter is an introduction to fynbos. The next 13 chapters contain the following:

  • Growing fynbos proteas/
  • restios/
  • ericas/
  • daisies/
  • annuals/
  • mesembs/
  • bulbs/
  • buchus/
  • scrophularias/
  • lobelias and¬†campanulas/
  • pelargoniums/
  • legumes/
  • brunias.

The 15th and final chapter covers smoke treatment of seeds. This is a highly reccommend, easy to use and read buy and if you aren't already awed by the wide diversity and beauty of the fynbos biome, you will be after reading this.