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Leucospermum catherinae

Commonly known as the 'catherine wheel pincushion'

  • This species is one of the most stunning of the 'firework pincushions'.
  • It grows into an erect shrub, up to 3m tall and with a spread of 2.5m.
  • The flowerhead is depressed-globose, but disc-shaped when mature and is orange to coppery bronze in color.
  • The styles point around in a circle giving its Catherine wheel appearance.
  • Leaves are blue-grey with distinctive red tips.
  • Grows in sandstone soils along stream edges.
  • Flowering occurs from spring to early summer.
  • It is one of the larger leucospermums and is stunning as an accent plant in a large garden.
  • It is fairly hardy and the mature plants are failry frost tolerant.
  • Seeds should be sown in autumn.
  • It is hardy to USDA zone 9.