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Our Bird List

Our land has a wide variety of Mountain Fynbos. There are many raptors, including Black Eagles. Klipspringer live here, as well as duiker, vaal rhebok, dassies, porcupine and baboons. There are unspoiled Bushman paintings nearby and for most of the year mountain streams and pools. There is a hiking trail and walks and a bush pool fed by a mountain stream.

There are several pairs of Black Eagles nesting in the area and there are many other species of raptor and other birds including the rare Cape Eagle Owl. On a warm summer evening one can hear these owls and also the Freckled Nightjars calling in the hills. Our bird list has 85 different birds on it.

Small mountain wildlife, such as Klipspringer, Duiker, Vaal Rhebok, Dassie, Lynx, Aardwolf and Baboon is indigenous to this area. On the drive up the mountain you sometimes see Eland, Zebra, Blesbok and Fallow deer (on Sun Mountain farm).


Birds spotted at Fijbosch Farme


  • Ground woodpecker
  • Black shouldered kite
  • Rock martin
  • White rumped swift
  • Greater striped swallow
  • Jackal buzzard 7 Steppe buzzard
  • Rock kestrel
  • Fiery nightjar
  • Pied crow
  • White necked raven
  • Red winged starlings
  • Laughing dove
  • Familiar chat
  • Neddicky
  • Orange breasted sunbird
  • Spotted eagle owl
  • Cape francolin
  • Fiscal shrike
  • European bee eater
  • Cattle egret
  • Yellow-billed kite
  • Rock pigeons
  • Black korhaan
  • Spurwing goose
  • Egyptian goose
  • Bokmakierie
  • Cape sugar bird
  • Red-eyed dove
  • Alpine swift
  • Black eagle
  • Cape rock thrush
  • Pied barbet
  • Cape robin
  • Cape turtle dove
  • Malachite sunbird
  • Cape bunting
  • Cape canary
  • Protea canary
  • Lanner falcon
  • Namaqua dove
  • White stork
  • European bee-eater
  • Black stork
  • Grassbird
  • Karoo Prinia
  • Cape siskin
  • Red knobbed coot
  • Glossy ibis
  • Greywing francolin
  • Black harrier
  • Booted eagle
  • Fish eagle
  • Karoo chat
  • Mountain chat
  • Hadeda ibis (Glossy ibis)
  • Guinea fowl
  • Gymnogene
  • Olive thrush
  • Boubou shrike
  • Cape batis
  • Cape whiteye
  • Cape bulbul
  • European roller
  • Yellow bellied eremomela
  • Greater honey guide
  • Sentinel rock thrush
  • Pin-tailed whydah
  • Cape eagle owl
  • Freckled nightjar
  • Greybacked cisticola
  • Lesser double-collared sunbird
  • Sicklewing chat
  • Reed cormorant
  • Black duck
  • Hammerkop
  • Fiscal flycatcher
  • Hoopoe
  • Spotted prinia
  • Fairy flycatcher
  • Karoo robin
  • Cape rock jumper
  • Pied starling
  • Yellow-rumped widow
  • House martin