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United States

Common Sugarbush, Suikerbos, Honey Protea

Belongs to group called True sugarbushes

  • grows to shrub/tree of 4.5 m with long narrow leaves
  • flowers creamy white to red and are waxy and sticky to touch
  • they flower from Feb-Oct
  • produce lots of nectar, attracting birds and bees
  • are easy to grow from seed, adaptable to many soil types and waterwise
  • produce beautiful long-lasting cut flowers
  • sow in autumn
  • hardy to USDA zone 8
  • the sweet watery nectar that collects in the flowers used to be drained and boiled up to produce a sugary syrup – known as 'bossiestroop' – which was used as a sweetner and for medicinal use
  • ideal for coastal gardens and can be used as a windbreak