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Strelitzia reginae yellow

Commonly known as Mandela's Gold, Mandela's gold strelitzia, Yellow strelitzia, Yellow crane flower, Yellow Bird of Paradise, Geelkraanvoel blom, Geel Piesang

  • This is a rare yellow form of one of the most striking rhizomatous shrubs in South Africa – Strelitzia Reginae.
  • Up until 1996 it was known as 'Kirstenbosch Gold'.
  • It grows to a height of around 1.5m, with large basal leaves forming clumps which are attractive in their own right.
  • The flowers are a dramatic blue and yellow and appear during winter and spring.
  • They are sensitive to cold and in climates where the winter low is -7 to -1 degrees C, they should be grown in pots in a sunny or well-lit conservatory or moved to a sheltered position during the colder months.
  • The seeds should be planted in spring.
  • They are hardy to USDA zone 9