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Commonly known as the Arum Lily.

  • It grows to a height of 1m, can be grown in full sun or semi-shade, and is a beautiful specimen for any garden.
  • It has creamy-ivory spathes and flowers from spring to summer.
  • It is striking as a cut flower with lovely long stems.
  • Enjoys a moist position.
  • The young leaves and stems are used as a relish with other foods - cut up and boiled they are often added to mielie-meal porridge.
  • The leaves are also used to treat burns & insect bites - very soothing, and they are used to draw boils and infected sores. The leaves need to be washed with hot water and, while still warm, placed on the affected area and bound on with bandage or plaster to keep them in position and left on overnight. This process can be repeated if necessary.