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Yes we do, it is attached to this post and can be accessed via the Contact page of this site

Growing proteas from cuttings is usually very successful and thus rewarding. Cuttings should be taken from semi-hardened plant material - usually the new growth from the last growing season (either autumn or spring) which has hardened off for a few months. Spring shoots would be ready for cutting late summer/early autumn and autumn shoots late winter/early spring. Best time to harvest protea cuttings seems to be early autumn before the cooler winter months.

The most successful cuttings are by far from the semi-hardened side shoots which come from just below a forming bud or flower. Cuttings should be taken in the early morning when it is cool & moist and the cut material should be kept fully hydrated - placed in a plastic bag and sprayed with water. They should only be kept for a few hours before treatment and planting in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

The leaves on the bottom 2/3 of stem should be carefully removed - and when planted, should be planted to 1/3 of total length. Treating cuttings with a plant hormone increases the chances of success. These you should be able to find at your nursery.

You should plant them in a mix of 2 parts coarse washed river sand to one part good quality peat moss. The cuttings will strike most readily in a warm, moist environment - mist watering systems work well. Adequate ventilation around the plant is important to prevent fungal infections, and the cuttings should be given a drenching with with a general purpose fungicide like Captan or Benlate before being planted.

For some inspiration: some people have reported success in growing protea plants from cuttings taken from a bouquet.

and how do you sell the seeds (thousands, lbs, kg) and your prices?

We sell individual seeds. We do not sell seeds by the packet. If you enter '5' in the quantity box for (say) Protea cynaroides seed, you will get 5 seeds, not five packets. 

The default minimum order is for 10 seeds per species.  The price will in most cases be the price of one seed - and when you click the 'Add to cart' button the system will put 10 seeds in your cart, and the price will be for 10 seeds.

However, you can order bulk quantities, by entering how many thousand seeds you want in the shopping cart display during checkout.

The website will give you prices and shipping costs - just enter the quantities into the shopping cart, and start the checkout process. Once the site knows where you live, and how many seeds you have ordered, it will show you the shipping cost. It will also apply any discounts or taxes that apply.

Before the order is finalized, you will be shown the total quantities and prices, and will have the option of canceling.