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We have a large selection of protea seeds, and you can order any quantity of protea seeds from 10 seeds to bulk orders. We can also try to supply protea, fynbos or succulent seed that is not listed in the catalog - just send us an email. Click on the headings to go to the catalog pages.

Serruria rosea  This is one of the most delicately beautiful genera of the Proteaceae family.

  They are commonly known as 'The Spiderheads'.

Protea are the signature species of the proteaceae.  They are identified by the spiral arrangement of the florets in the flower.  Protea seeds are hairy and mostly brown in colour.

Leucadendron Spissifolium - cone bushThe genus Leucadendron has plants of different sexes.  The female plants have attractive cones (hence the common name conebush), while the male plants bear flowers. The male plants are generally more branched, and have smaller leaves than the female. 

The leaves at the base of the cone are often brightly coloured, and in season large parts of mountainsides might be covered in the yellow or red of Leucadendron bushes.

These plants make attractive shrubs with the female of the species being particularly sought after for the sake of the year-round display of cones.

Aulax pallasia in flowerThe genus aulax is very small, and occurs only in the Western Cape of South Africa. The feathery flowers of the species give this bush its common name - featherbush.  The genus aulax is part of the proteaceae family, of which protea is also a part.

Aulax plants are dioecious - which means they have separate male and female bushes.  The aulax seeds for either gender are identical, and it is impossible to tell the gender of an aulax seed.

The female flowerhead comprises a woody cup formed by short, inwardly-curved, modified branches, inside which the flowers are borne on a conical central column. Male plants bear only male flowers in lax, terminal, spike-like racemes.



Leucospermum are also known as the 'Pincushion proteas', because their flowers look like pincushions.  The leaves sometimes have many glandular teeth at their tips, the function of which is not known.  If the leaf has four or more such glandular teeth, the plants is a pincushion.

The leaves of the Leucospermum are covered with fine hair that makes them look as if they are covered with a thin layer of wool.  This can be easily rubbed off.

A handy, laymans guide to growing proteasKirstenbosch Series Grow Proteas Book coverA handy, laymans guide to growing proteasWe can supply books about fynbos, proteas and South African indigenous plants and gardening.  Our instructions on how to grow proteas from seed are condensed from our own experiences and from some of these books.

At last Kirstenbosch has printed the second edition of its popular and long sold out "Grow Proteas" book in its Gardening Series. We are happy to provide you with this excellent newly revised edition that is full of the latest information on cultivating and propagating South African proteaceae.